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Monday, 1 February 2010

for number ten

first i wanna apologise for another long break in posts
ive just been so busy and havent seemed to have time to sit at a computer
but now im all sorted now
and normal sevice will resume

the subject of todays post may be a little out of date but its somthing i wrote on the 2nd of january of this year
as many of you will know im a huge fan of doctor who and of course i sat in front of the tv on new years day watching david tennants final episode
it inspired me to write this poem
a homage to the tenth doctor

for number ten
by sean gould

new teeth not ginger the best dressed in town
defeating the sycorax in an old dressing gown
you travelled in the tardis with rose in tow
you went to new earth and met the face of boe
met queen victoria and a wolf and fought tooth and claw
then solved a mystery with sarah jane like you used to do before

went through the fireplace to eighteenth centuary france
and on paralell earth you saw the cybermen advance
in 1953 you stopped an evil telly
then met the ood and give satan some welly
saw a little girls drawing and the problems they posed
encountred doomsday in torchwood and goodbye to rose

met donna for the first time saved her from a marriage of doom
then met up with martha jones in a hospital on the moon
fought caronites with shakespere who took a fancy to miss jones
saw the death of the face of boe and were told you are not alone
ended up in 30s new york and foiled the daleks plans
then watched old professer lazerus become a younger man

had forty two minutes to prevent the big burn
became the human john smith with watch the time turned
got stuck in 1969 but tols sally sparrow what to do
dreams of utopia were broken as face of boes words came true
with the master as prime minister you trully needed to save the day
then you said goodbye to martha then you were on your way

the tardis underwent a time crash you met doctor number five
wound up on the titanic where only a few came out alive
reunited with donna you met creetures made of fat and girth
then went to ancient rome when i volcano hit the earth
you found yourself in the cold on the planet of the ood
you stopped sontarans poisoning the atmosphere with clone food

then produced a daughter with very stunning looks
had an adventure with agatha christie just like her own books
went to the library with invisible monster that eat flesh
you would expierianced any of this if donna didnt turn left
davros and the daleks encountered rose and crew in battle mode
you said goodbye to donna so her head didnt explode

you met a man who thought he was a future you
went to the planet of the bed on a bus breaking through
you managed to stay dry in the waters of mars
then encountered a world full of masters in all the houses and cars
before you died the timelords came and you knew what to do
heres to the tenth doctor theres no one as brilliant as you

written 2nd january 2010

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