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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

blackest night issues 4-6

yestardays blog went on slightly longer than i was banking on
after three or more hours of sitting here typing i decided to split it up into two parts
so now is the second part of our recap on the blackest night saga and it will take us bang up to date


this issue is not very plot heavy really
plenty of battle scenes from the opening
as aqua woman battles hawkgirl
the atom battles hawkman
the flah battles firestorm
however the current firestorm possessed by the original firestorm is tricked intoo murdering is own girlfriend
and swears revenge on the orinal however hes possessed and halfway to becoming a black lantern
the next few pages focus on a couple of new comers to the story
the scarecrow is shown saying that nothing can scare him
nothing but batman
he says this when confronted by the black lantern azrael
the next page shows lex luthor looking at a list of the dead
aquawoman flash and the atom find themselves in an office surrounded by telephones
so they call for help
a lot of help comes in the form of
kid flash
allan scott (original green lantern)
green arrow
to name but a few
the battle rages on
the end sees the flash transported to a grave yard
where the black hand waits for him
he arrives in time to see the rising of a new black lantern
who utters the words
"barry allen you owe me your life"
"you all do"


this issue starts on the planet ryut
where the gardians have brought together representatives of the colours of the spectrum of light
hal jordan (green lantern)
sinestro(yellow lantern)
atrocitus(red lantern)
larfleeze(orange lantern)
saint walker(blue lantern)
star sapphire (violet lantern)
indigo-1(indigo tribe)
the only light that is missing is the black lantern
it must be found
meanwhile nekron watches as the black hand brutally beats the flash(barry allen)
but the another flash (wally west)comes to the rescue
and he does not come alone
he arrives with
wonder woman
and manymore
the battle between the dead and the living rages on
the spectrum oflight people join the battle
but they are soon joined by a new black lantern
he throws out black lantern rings to the heroes who once died then came back to life
such as
green arrow
kid flash
they are all now black lanterns


green lantern is mobbed by the black lanterns
as they think he and flash belong with them
the battle becomes heated
the ring fly towards green lantern and flash
waiting to be worn
but this doesnt happen
another green lantern (john stewart) is chased by thousands of black lanterns
the battle rages out of control
gathet a blue lantern guardian sees there is somthing else needed
he makes himself a green lantern
he programs all the other lantern rings to distbute one more ring each
the flash becomes a blue lantern
lex luthor becomes an orange lantern
the scarecrow becomes a yellow lantern
the atom becomes a member of the indigo tribe
aquawoman becomes a red lantern
the poweer fights and breaks wonder womans black ring
she becomes a violet lantern
the all stand proud
and as the issue ends blue lantern flash states "all will be well"

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