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Friday, 19 February 2010

this one goes out to an old friend

today i wanna talk about the way me and my friend amy are really old people in diguise
we are both in our twenties and act like old farts
we both sit in arm chairs with blankets round us moaning about "kids"
this one time her phone rang and it was the theme tune to murder she wrote
i made fun of her
then mine rang
last of the summer wine
we are old beyond our years
i was inspired to write this poem

young age pensioner
by sean gould

im not your average youngster
as you can clearly see
i am twenty eight years old
going on seventy three

i dont drink fancy new beers
in a club full of glam and glitter
im happy in a quiet pub
with a pint of bitter

i dont play football on sundays
or go foe a few beers or more
id rather rather stay at home with a cuppa
and listen to the archers on radio four

im not into wild parties
i like staying in just fine
watching stuff like murder she wrote
and last of the summer wine

i write poems moaning about todays youth
and the way things used to be
talk about the past with workmates
who are twice as old as me

being a young age pensioner can be fun
i never want to change
you can think about me what you want
but i refuse to act my age

written 11th february 2010


Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I like the new picture, much better don't know about the poetry though a little ageist I thought.

sean gould said...

haha cheers bob
nah its not ageist really its :)

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

just a touch young un

sean gould said...

sorry bob
hope ur ok anyway :)