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Friday, 5 February 2010

the girl of my dreams

this might be a bit strange
last i had a dream
i was on a bus
and goodlooking lady was on the bus with her little boy
the bus stopped
she got off
but the bus closed its doors and drove off
i saw the woman out the window
she was destressed
the little boy was in tears
i told the bus driver to stop
he refused
after a bit of argueing he stopped the bus
so i got off the bus and walked up the road and reunited mother and child
then we went for a drink
and saw a lot of eath other other the following weeks
i cant remember her name just that her child was called jake
i know it was a dream
and shes probly not real
but shes been in my head all day
maybe she is real and dreamt about last night too

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